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Our world does need a determined organization
That “never gives up”

Disasters and conflicts occur all around the world and many believe that there are no solutions at all.
We, however, never give up on solving social issues.


About Peace Winds

Peace Winds, a Japan-originated NGO (non-governmental and non-profit organization), brings innovative approaches in helping lives at risk affected by humanitarian crisis and social issues.
The organization has been delivering support around the world since its establishment in 1996 by Mr. Kensuke Onishi.
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  • With 27 years of history
  • Assisted up to 38 countries and regions
  • Assisted as many as approx. 23 million individuals(*) As of Jan 31st, 2023

The activities of Peace Winds

Peace Winds works on all sorts of national and international social issues.
Our three core directions are “Overseas Operations”, “Emergency Disaster Relief” and “Peace Wanko Japan Project”.
We also work on regional revitalization projects such as the Saga traditional craft promotion project and
medical support projects in depopulated regions in Japan.

Overseas Operations

Contributing to lifesaving activities and humanitarian crises stemming from conflicts, poverty, along with calamities in various countries and regions all around the world since 1996.

Peace Winds Members

“ARROWS”, our Flying Rescue and Medical Team

Intending to rescue as many and as quickly as possible. This life-rescuing project provides medical and evacuation center operational support in disaster-affected areas.

“ARROWS” Members

Peace Wanko Japan

A dog protection and adoption project aiming at no-kill based on manmade excuses for the true, real coexistence between pets and humans.

Peace Wanko Japan

Peace Crafts SAGA

A regional revitalization project in Japan to support Saga's traditional crafts by bridging up craftsmen and the public through various systems like the hometown tax scheme.

Peace Crafts
Peace Warabe JAPAN

Peace Warabe JAPAN

Supporting children, our future leaders, to live out their lives, to further enhance their strengths, and thus become the creators of a better society so they do not have to give up on their dreams for political or economic reasons.


Your involvement supports the future of our world!