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Our activities

Three core directions-
“Overseas Operations”- contributing to lifesaving activities and other ones stemming from conflicts and poverty;
“Emergency Disaster Relief”- responding swiftly at the frontline; carrying out all sorts of lifesaving activities and reconstruction support;
“Peace Wanko Japan Project”- aiming at no-kill for true coexistence between pets and humans.

In addition to these three, we also provide support for regional revitalization projects such as the promotion of traditional crafts and medical care in depopulated areas.

To deliver crucial support to uninsured lives all around the world.
Peace Winds is the pioneer in solving challenging problems.

  • Overseas Operations

    Overseas humanitarian assistance is the origin of Peace Winds. Starting with the refugee support in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq in 1996, we have continued to support uninsured lives in humanitarian crises and other ones stemming from conflicts, poverty, and disasters. Our activities are all “field-oriented”. We swiftly fly to the frontlines, listen to the communities, deliver crucial support, and stand by the victims until they can live independently again.

  • Emergency Disaster Relief

    Intending to rescue as many and as quickly as possible. This project provides medical and evacuation center operational support in disaster-affected areas. Our rescue teams including doctors, nurses, rescue workers, and rescue dogs, transported in aircraft, helicopters, medical vessels… Our lifesaving activities are mainly about medical care ranging from life searches to field hospital operations. We also provide necessary resources and operate evacuation centers in cooperation with local governmental agencies, the Self-Defense Forces, and fire departments. Our team is highly mobile, and professional with specialized logistics knowledge providing optimal support from the viewpoint of the victims.

  • Peace Wanko Japan Project

    Humans kill dogs for their convenience. We never want to see lives being crammed into a machine and suffocated to death by CO2. We have started rescue and adoption activities in Hiroshima for no-kill, contributing to the encouraging no-kill record in the Prefecture since April 2016. We rescue dogs and put them at our Jinseki Kogen Shelter in Hiroshima for health training so they can live with humans. We then allocate them to our eight adoption centers across the country so they can meet with their new loving home.

  • Peace Crafts SAGA

    Saga is our disaster assistance base in Kyushu and thus the prefecture has a deep connection with Peace Winds. It is also home to a huge number of national-famous traditional crafts such as “Arita ware”, “Imari ware”, and “Karatsu ware”. Unfortunately, their popularity declined in recent years due to changes in lifestyles and labor shortages. To protect these valuable traditional crafts of Saga, we work on a string of projects to “bridge up craft creators and the public” such as opening an online store, utilizing the hometown tax scheme in Japan, joining different exhibitions, and developing new products with national and international designers.

  • Peace Warabe JAPAN

    Peace Warabe JAPAN

    In Japan, over 80% of high school graduates can continue to pursue their academic goals in universities or vocational schools. The figure, yet, goes down to merely 30% for pupils from children's homes. Considering various difficulties, many of them dare not to dream of studying abroad as the goal is too high to reach for them. Peace Winds supports short-term to long-term study programs in the US so these students can pursue their dreams beyond the national border. We sincerely hope to foster adaptable and capable global leaders to make changes for our future society.

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