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What is Peace Winds?

Our world does need a determined organization that “never gives up”.

Disasters and conflicts occur over and over all around the world so it's commonly believed that there are no solutions at all.

We, however, never give up on solving social issues.

Non-governmental/non-profit organizations, like we, can always do something to help despite the difficulties from an administrative standpoint. We are not merely ambitious; we are convinced that this world needs a determined group that never gives up. Peace Winds would like to make the impossible possible and tackle all sorts of social issues sincerely and innovatively.

Peace Winds Mission

The mission we ought to fulfill

Peace Winds logo

Offer support to uninsured lives in conflicts, disasters, and social changes; strive to provide better support at all times.

Peace Winds Vision

Peace Winds Vision
The future we’d like to create

Keep picking up the challenges to be innovative in our lifesaving activities; create a world where humans, living things, and communities in different regions can coexist with hope and dignity.

Peace Winds Value

Our commitments, values, and strengths

  • We endeavor to provide optimal support to whoever is in need regardless of ethnicity, political background, religion, or beliefs.

  • We aim to provide swift, effective emergency humanitarian assistance as well as needs-based, participatory-based reconstruction and development assistance for our target groups.

  • We collaborate with governments, public agencies, and other rescue organizations whenever it’s necessary to maximize the effectiveness of our support.

  • We utilize all funds effectively and provide transparent activity & financial reports.

  • We establish and cherish communication and partnerships with our individual & corporate supporters, volunteers, governments, public agencies, all other support organizations, the media, etc.

  • We strive to protect the privacy and personal information of our supporters.

  • We endeavor to ensure the safety of our associates.

  • We aim to be professional, innovative, and creative going beyond the existing values and preconceptions.

  • We never discriminate against our associates for their age, gender, educational background, religion, personal beliefs, nationality, or any other reasons.

  • As a part of our civil society, we pay attention to national and international social issues from a citizen's perspective, contribute to solving problems, and pursue public interest.